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Collaboros is a Silicon Valley-based business consultancy dedicated to assisting young companies by:

Pete Farmer, founder and head of Collaboros, has been involved with data networking, wireless, and online information services for over 20 years and is an innovator in meeting the needs of targeted user groups with well-designed web-based applications. With experience at start-ups as well as global telecom giants, Pete is adept with all aspects of B-to-B business development, product management, marketing, and start-up management. He understands what's needed to translate broad business strategies into operational reality.

For example, Collaboros helped transform a management consultancy serving advertising agencies by creating a web-based job tracking service for their clients. The new service helped the agencies negotiate with advertisers on scope of work and deal with fee issues as scope of work changed. The management consultancy was able to shift from from chasing one-off, short-term engagements to having sustained, long-term relationships with its clients and a recurring revenue stream.

Pete directed the technical design of the service, managed the development team, and deployed the new service with a Top 10 ad agency as beta customer. In addition, Pete arranged for interim financing and outsourced the firm's HR, finance, and IT functions so the firm could focus on its core competence and scale its operations.

Pete has also helped numerous clients in technical fields such as nanotechnology and optical networking components (passive and active) on issues of market positioning, establishing alliances and partnerships, and launching new products and services.

Contact Collaboros to discuss how to transform your technical ideas into viable businesses, create new revenue streams for your firm by offering web-based services, improve your market strategy, and accelerate your generation of revenue and profits.

Peter J. Farmer
Menlo Park, CA
+1 650 464 1243

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